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K-12 Nutrition Resources

Healthy Eating (

2015 thru 2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
2017 Nutrition Facts
33 DairyTips
Body Mass Index Measurement in Schools
Calcium Collector Lessons
Calcium Fact Sheet
Calcium Information for Parents
Carbohydrates Facts
Childhood Obesity Lessons Grades 6 thru 8
Eating Disorders Fact Sheet
Eating Disorders Lesson Grades 9 thru 12
Finding A Way to a Healthier You
Fit Kids are Happy Kids
Food Labels
Fruit and Vegetable Marathon Challenge
Get Smart Back to School
Get Smart Family Dinner
Get Smart on the Go
Go the Distance Challenge
Healthy Body Challenge
Healthy Snacking
Implementing Strong Nutrition Standards for Schools Financial Implications
Know Your Nutrition
Milk Matters with Buddy Brush
Milk's Nutrients
My Plate Practice Applications
My Plate
National Eatings Disorders Association Educator Toolkit
Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools
Parent Tips
School Based Obesity Prevention Strateies for State Policymakers
School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Super Tracker High School Lesson Plans
SuperTracker Scavenger Hunt
The State of Obesity 2017
Tips for Teachers Promoting Healthy Eating & Physical Activity in the Classroom
Tips for Using the Food Label
USFDA New Food Label Side by Side Comparison
Word Search
World Obesity Day




Calcium Solutions
Eating from the Rainbow
Healthy Eating
Healthy Habits Presentation Week 1
Healthy Habits Presentation Week 2
Healthy Habits Presentation Week 3
Healthy Habits Presentation Week 4
Healthy Habits Presentation Week 5
Healthy Habits Presentation Week 6
Nutritional Facts
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